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Wake up in a place with the ocean at your feet and the majestic Pico Mountain peeking out the window. Take a short stroll to a natural volcanic rock pool, explore Portugal's largest known lava tube - the Gruta das Torres - or stroll through the vine-covered landscape and sample local wines.

Localization and attractions

and standards

In our accommodation unit, we take pride in offering exceptional services and quality standards. We are committed to providing an unforgettable experience during your visit to Pico.


Regional House

Inside this regional house, the inviting and authentic ambiance provides captivating comfort. Every detail has been carefully selected to offer a pleasant and genuine stay.

Sea View

Vivenda Oliveira boasts a breathtaking panorama overlooking the sea, the channel, and the neighboring island of Faial. Revel in the spectacular views, creating an idyllic backdrop for a memorable stay.

Free Wi-Fi

Vivenda Oliveira offers complimentary Wi-Fi, ensuring guests stay connected effortlessly. Enjoy the convenience of seamless internet access throughout the accommodation, enhancing your experience with modern connectivity.

Natural Pools

Vivenda Oliveira is conveniently located near bathing areas, such as natural pools, and the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. Embrace the coastal allure for a tranquil and immersive experience.

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    If you have any questions, please feel free to use our contact form. We are here to assist and provide any necessary information to ensure your experience at Vivenda Oliveira is seamless and enjoyable. We look forward to welcoming you and making your stay unforgettable.